The Rose of Jericho

Not so long ago, I’ve been visiting a good friend of mine, who, after he came back from Germany, where he was attending a conference, told me a lot of interesting stories:

- Come upstairs and look what I’ve brought from Cologne. I’ve bought this rose of Jericho for just a few euros.

The rose of Jericho? What an unusual name, I’ve never heard of it. This has to be some sort of a beautiful flower with a wondrous name. Considering my childhood’s admiration of creations of the Heavenly Creator, of course, I was interested and hastened upstairs to my interlocutor.

Psychologists say that things surrounding a man, things that he uses, can tell us a lot about his worries and his innermost thoughts. Even more can be told about yet unexpressed thoughts, his aspirations and worries about secret Continue reading

How to return the love in the family. Short sermon


How to return the love in the family. Photo:FidlerJan

Effective method

There are many recipes on how to keep the love in the family. We will not touch the original, naive and silly, which are based on divination and so on. We’ll talk about effective methods, which really helps to keep the love in the family, even without the help of a therapist and allows you to save coins and return the love.

By the way, this method is applicable not only for women, but also, to some extent as men. In the Bible tells us to be quick to hear, but slow to respond, and the more slow to anger. Continue reading

Beggar or a millionaire? Short sermon

Holy BibleThis story took place in the early 19th century in the United States. When a beggar, battered and tired of wandering Indian village to village begging for more affluent people have food, and at least some shelter for the night.

In one of the houses, compassionate hosts offered him food. When he greedily pounced on the food, the owner noticed the neck of the Indian small leather pouch curiously asked, “What is this you?”

The poor man replied that he really does not know, probably some kind of amulet. Intrigued, lord of the house politely asked the Indian permission to look at this amulet close. Continue reading