Beggar or a millionaire? Short sermon

Holy BibleThis story took place in the early 19th century in the United States. When a beggar, battered and tired of wandering Indian village to village begging for more affluent people have food, and at least some shelter for the night.

In one of the houses, compassionate hosts offered him food. When he greedily pounced on the food, the owner noticed the neck of the Indian small leather pouch curiously asked, “What is this you?”

The poor man replied that he really does not know, probably some kind of amulet. Intrigued, lord of the house politely asked the Indian permission to look at this amulet close. When he was handed over to the leather pouch thumbed times, then opened it, they found a worn and faded piece of paper on which there was something written. And as a merciful man was literate, he immediately began to read aloud.

This document was nothing more than a writ of execution, which gave a legal right to the bearer of a decent pension and a comfortable existence. And this document was signed by Washington.

When a document has been read, the surrounding people were amazed and very surprised, in front of them was a “pauper a millionaire.” Man provided by law for a comfortable existence with supporting documents sitting in front of them in rags, hungry and homeless. And separated him from getting his needs were abundantly replenished only that he did not know what the document says.

Something similar happens with many people, when they wander through life tired and broken, without hope, under fear and oppression. Something begging, something cry about something just wanting to forget or dismiss. And somewhere deep down, they know intuitively that there is a way that hope is not lost, they are trying to find the way to freedom of looking for it in every way. But it turns out that in an attempt to get out of the mire of everyday hustle and bustle, they are more and more bogged down in it.

Then they are moments of lucidity draw eyes to the sky, look at the image of the crucifixion, understand the importance of the Holy Scriptures. But just look like an ornament or antique value, as a kind of amulet. Protects and gives us the freedom to either paper or hardcover book, and the law of God, which is written on these pages!
We are not ignorant people, and can be read in my life that in the long run and would not be worth reading, but how many of us miss the most important thing, what should pay attention in the first place. How do we address God to us, this document Heavenly – The New Testament has still not read what the document given to us by God that He tells us what our needs He promises to make up for what He wants our prayers answered?

And most importantly, God says he loves you! You are precious to Him! Nobody will give you a true answer to questions such as good and evil, life and death, you will not find anywhere why Jesus came and why He died? Nowhere else will you find and read truer words than in heaven document – the Bible.

So is it time to myself to read that God loves us in the end, or hate? If you like, we have to give God instructions and tell him that he should do, or do we need to listen to Him? We point to God, or learn from Him in humility? Maybe it’s time to stop knock from corner to corner like blind kittens, and humbling arrogance and pride to ask God to open the eyes of our soul to His understanding of the spiritual laws?

Is it time to yourself to learn about the rights that are given to us by God, is not it time to stop driving away waddle through life sad thoughts of death, and to know that, and maybe God, Almighty Father has already taken care of it, and that many of our needs he would like to make up already here on Earth …

Is it time to yourself to know that you purchased for us by God and that we have rights. God gave us the right … But you need a little bit, just pick up and start reading the New Testament, at first, many may not be obvious, but he is willing to help us. One has only to ask God to help us understand the laws referred to in the heavenly document. It’s time to know what belongs to us and that we have the right …

It’s time to stop being a spiritual “poor millionaires!” Begin to read your New Testament today!
Michael Salij

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