How to return the love in the family. Short sermon


How to return the love in the family. Photo:FidlerJan

Effective method

There are many recipes on how to keep the love in the family. We will not touch the original, naive and silly, which are based on divination and so on. We’ll talk about effective methods, which really helps to keep the love in the family, even without the help of a therapist and allows you to save coins and return the love.

By the way, this method is applicable not only for women, but also, to some extent as men. In the Bible tells us to be quick to hear, but slow to respond, and the more slow to anger. This is understandable, as shown by the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

And once, rightly remarked classic Tolstoy when he said that everything that begins in anger ends in shame. Why? Because conscience as the voice of God in our spirit tells us that staying in anger, we have forsaken the commandments of God that calls us to love our neighbor, and not be angry at him, or quarrel. And anger and more hatred, the very opposite of love.

And because our conscience convicts us that we have forsaken the commandments of God, and are on the wrong track. On the way, which not only brings us closer to God, but also alienates posing a direct threat to the destruction of relationships with our loved ones.

You probably noticed that otherwise would have been enough to keep silent, just not to defend his right-hand, do not go on the rampage, but give place to God. And love will be saved, and the relationship will not be destroyed …

In this case, I am reminded of the parable tells the story of a young woman, the girl, who had recently married and was faced with the fact that the relationship with her husband begin to deteriorate, love somewhere to go, there are quarrels and squabbles, one never knows, maybe before the divorce walk.

The girl decided to go to the holy elder for advice, maybe help poshepchet a prayer, give some weed … I took the girl gifts and went to the old man, and came to him his request, asking for something effective. Since life with her husband becomes bearable, everything her husband and bite to death with light szhivaetsya for nothing, the passage does not … what to do?

And she asked the saint of something magical, strong, grass, or whispered to her strong prayer to keep the love in the family, so as not to destroy the family. Listened to her old man and said, “Good girl, I’ll help your grief, I’ve got the magic water, I will strengthen it even prayer and return it to you the love in the family as the first and you will be peace and harmony.”

He gave the girl the magic water, and said that as soon as her husband begins to berate and scold, so she immediately took this magical water and gaining it in her mouth, and held it in my mouth as long as the husband does not calm down. Thus magic water will help …

Gone is the girl wondering what kind of water can return the love in the family, but decided nevertheless to proceed according to the old man … After some time, the young woman returned to the holy words, that really helps the magic water, a man begins to change, becoming less it gnaws and life seems to be getting better as, swear they have become much less, that’s just the magic water ran out.

“Well, no, girl, I’ve got this water reserve, I’ll give it to you again,” and ordered the girl water magic to save the love in the family. It was another time, had returned to him the girl with gifts and says that gold has become quite the husband, does not swear, is foul-mouthed, loves her as before, love and peace returned to the family get by, thank you very much the old man, bowing to the ground. The only bad thing, far to walk to the saint suddenly need more magic water, then what to do?


How to return the love in the family. Photo:FidlerJan

Old man smiled and said to the girl, “Do not be sad, do not gorjunov … this water you’ll find anywhere, because it helped you to prayer and your restraint. So take any water and drink it as before, as soon as the notice that love goes away and return the love in the family ought to … ”

P.S. The most interesting thing)) when I told this parable of a young and beautiful woman who is probably experiencing difficulties in the family with her husband, then, after listening to the parable, she paused thoughtfully and said, “Where would I get this magic water?”

It sounds funny, but in the eyes, I saw that she understood the meaning of the parable, and I hope you also … But, it is important not only to listen and understand, it is important to do. Peace to you!

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