The Rose of Jericho

Not so long ago, I’ve been visiting a good friend of mine, who, after he came back from Germany, where he was attending a conference, told me a lot of interesting stories:

- Come upstairs and look what I’ve brought from Cologne. I’ve bought this rose of Jericho for just a few euros.

The rose of Jericho? What an unusual name, I’ve never heard of it. This has to be some sort of a beautiful flower with a wondrous name. Considering my childhood’s admiration of creations of the Heavenly Creator, of course, I was interested and hastened upstairs to my interlocutor.

Psychologists say that things surrounding a man, things that he uses, can tell us a lot about his worries and his innermost thoughts. Even more can be told about yet unexpressed thoughts, his aspirations and worries about secret Continue reading