What was lacking for Christmas. Scenes at Christmas for children

Type: scene
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Time: ~ 15 min.
Bible: Matthew. 2.
Age: young and old
Topic: Christ, gift, holiday.
Actors (5): Bogdan, Svetlana, Ira KingSvitlanany friend, Joseph Kingfriend
Scenery: 2-3 bags filled with brightly wrapped boxes, festive clothing.
Difficulty: 5 out of 10.
Announcement: sketch reveals the fact that for many people, Christmas was just a time of gifts and pleasant meetings. Often we do not notice the most obvious passing by very strange and necessary for our lives.


Dealing Room great store. Includes Bogdan and Svetlana. Laughing, carrying bags of pre-Christmas gifts.

Svetlana. Well, we did it. The first year of married life and we all did our first Christmas shopping.
Bogdan. Hey, we all bought?
Svetlana (alternately pointing to the rolls sticking out of the bag). We take care of your parents about my too. Do not forget about your brother, to your sister, her husband and children, but also about my sister, her husband and their children
Bogdan. And we bought your niece?
Svetlana. Doll that drinks from a bottle, remember?
Bogdan. And my nephew?
Svetlana. The machine with the door opening.
Bogdan. What you bought me?
Svetlana (laughs). Not to say!
Bogdan. Okay, so soon already Christmas. What we have planned for today?
Svetlana. So … (pulls out a pocket notebook and opens it) we have dinner with my parents, then open presents, well, after alla party to Jana.
Bogdan. Th
Svetlana (continuing to read). In the morning, give gifts to each other, then have breakfast at your parents house, have dinner with me and go to yet another party to Shutenko.
Bogdan. Hmmm.
Svetlana. Something not right?
Bogdan (with puzzled look). Imagine, he can not understand. I have a feeling that we forgot something. Listen, as we all watched movies like that?
Svetlana. We sawironicallylast night, a week ago, “Home Alone“, “Christmas Vacationlook tonight at my parents, andChristmas storywe planned for tomorrow after breakfast.
Bogdan. And this new musical, well with Galkin?
Svetlana. It showed yesterday, when you were not home, but I recorded it on video.
Bogdan. Cool. Wow, and I still think that we lack something for this celebration. I wonder what could it be?

On stage appear to kings, they are full of bags of Christmas shopping.

Svetlana (notes included). My God! Just look who it is!
Bogdan. Who?
Svetlana. It’s three King!
Bogdan. Who ?!
Svetlana. My old friends at the institute, the family of the Kings! Name them is.
Ira (waving). Sveta, hello!
Svetlana. Hi guys! Bogdan poznayomsya are my friends KingsIra Joseph and Sanya.
Bogdan. I remember, I remember, they were at our wedding.
Il. Council see you again, Bogdan.
Joseph. I congratulate you on Merry Christmas!
Svetlana. We have not seen each other for ages already! What do you do here?
Sanya. Ordinary Christmas shopping at the last minute.
Ira (shaking a bag full). Carries gifts for the newborn King.
Bogdan. What’s that?
Sanya. In Joseph’s son was born last week.
Svetlana. Oh! Yosya, congratulations!
Joseph. Thank you!
Il. You need to be sure to look at him, he just lovely!
Svetlana. How it all cool! Joseph and Mary feels like?
Joseph. Well, she had small complications during childbirth because she was unwell a day or two, but now everything seems normal.
Svetlana. I am glad that all is well.
Sanya. By the way, you will not believe who recently appeared in the city.
Svetlana. Who?
Sanya. Cowgirl!
Svetlana. Slavik and Marianne? (Reference to Bogdan) They surname Shepherd.
Il. They, miserable!
Bogdan (ear light). Well, you and friends!
Svetlana. Look how long I have not seen them.
Joseph. What’s the truth. So, they got to see the baby, Gabriel told about it.
Svetlana. Gabriel Sokolov? (Shakes his head incredulously) Yes, that’s who I also have not seen a thousand years!
Joseph. Shepherds arrived last night. They are now staying with us.
Il. They tried to find a room in a hotel, but it is now Christmas, the place where they did not have to.
Svetlana. Oh, I would be so happy pobachylasya them.
Bogdan. Well, we probably would look.
Joseph. Already please look. We will all be in our parents in this new quarterin the east of the city
Svetlana. And, it is at the intersection of Bethlehem Road?
Joseph. Exactly.
Sanya. Their house is just opposite the restaurantDistant Star“.
Il. They have a sign above the entrance of so many bright star.
Bogdan. I think we will not be difficult to find a place.
Joseph. You’re right, if you approach from the east, just go to Bethlehem road until you see the star.
Bogdan. That sounds good.
Il. We have time to go, but we’ll see you?
Svetlana. I hope so.
Joseph. Come when you want.
Sanya. By the way guys, you happen to know whether this passage shop where they sell cigarettes?
Bogdan. I think if you walk a little further down the street, you will find a tobacco shop.
Sanya. That’s perfect. I’m just dying to smoke!
Joseph. Okay, see you later. Merry Christmas to you.
Bogdan Svetlana (together). Merry Christmas!

The family is the Kings.

Svetlana. Class, it was great!
Bogdan. Very nice family.
Svetlana (after a short pause). So you understand why we still do not have enough for our Christmas?
Bogdan (shrug). No. But surely this is something so obvious that then we just will beat their breasts.
Svetlana. I wonder what could it be?

Together they reflect deeply for a moment, then his eyes wide open, looking at each other while clicking your fingers. They finally mentioned.

Bogdan Svetlana (in unison). Garlands for Christmas tree!

Picks up the bag and fled the scene together.

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